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Ningshing Holdings and Its Subsidiaries Entitled 2019 Ningbo Top 100 Enterprises
Jointly hosted by Ningbo EnterprisesConfederation, Entrepreneurs Association and Federation of IndustrialEconomics, the 2019 Ningbo Entrepreneurs Activity Day and Top 100 EnterprisesAward Ceremony with the theme “Carry forward the spirit of originality andinsist on innovation and development” wereheld on August 8thin Ningbo Nanyuan Hotel.Ningshing Holdings was continuously awarded“2018 Ningbo Top 100 Enterprises”. The subsidiaries of Ningshing Holdings,including Ningshing Trading Group, Ningshing Special Steel Group, NingshingUbay, Ningshing Kinhil, Ningshing Cloud and Ningshing Hench were also awarded“2019 Ningbo Top 100 Enterprises in Service Industry”. Ningbo Special Steel Group, NingshingUbay, Ningshing Yoyou, Ningshing Tank Terminal and Ningshing Cloud were awarded“2019 Ningbo · Competitiveness Top 100 Enterprises”. The managementmode named Create integrated services of cross-bordertrade supply chain by Ningshing Ubay Logistics won the second prize of 2019Ningbo Modernized & innovative Enterprise Management Achievement.
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