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Ningshing Tank Terminal was Designated Delivery Warehouse for EG Futures
With the approval of China SecuritiesRegulatory Commission (CSRC), ethylene glycol(EG) futures contracts can belisted and traded on Dalian Commodity Exchange from December 10, 2018. Ningbo Ningshing Tank Terminal Co., Ltd was selected as the firstbatch of 13 designated delivery warehouses. The approval of EG futurescontracts for listing will greatly increase the activity of EG in the domesticmarket and enhance China’s pricing voice in the global EG market. Fordownstream factories, it is helpful to hedge operations and avoid the risk ofraw material price fluctuations. Ningshing Tank Terminal, as the onlydesignated delivery warehouse in Zhejiang, will further expand its customerresources, increase storage capacity and management performance, and improveits brand awareness.
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