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The District Chief of Haishu People’s Government Visited Ningshing
Mr.Chu Mengxing, the District Chief of Haishu People’s Government in Ningbo, and the relating department leaders from Haishu District Government visited Ningshing on April 13, 2018 to survey the company’s business operation, especially the foreign trade operation. Mr.Wu Yigang, the chairman of Ningshing, expressed the gratitude for the care and support from Haishu people’s government during the past years. He briefly introduced the company’s development and main business, and put forward some suggestions on the policy of “one company, on policy”, talents introduction and stimulation. Mr.Wu emphasized that the head-quarter of Ningshing Holdings would remain in Haishu and the Company would continue to contribute to the development of New Haishu. Mr.Huang Yongzeng, the vice president of Ningshing, introduced the exploration and effection of Ningshing’s foreign trade transformation upgration, and he also put forward some suggestions on the policy support for the trade and production combination, go global strategy, foreign trade integrated service and cross-border E-export. Mr.Chu Mengxing, the District Chief of Haishu District’s people’s government, briefly introduced the New Haishu’s development and its future plan, he also spoke highly of Ningshing’s years’ effort and contribution to the Haishu and Ningbo’s economic development. He demanded that Haishu commercial bureau, Gulou sub-district office and other related government departments make investigation and provide solution to the problems and suggestions proposed in this meeting. He promised that Haishu would offer more support and improve service efficiency, and hoped that the joint efforts of the enterprises and the government would make new contribution to New Haishu’s high quality development.
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